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Imported Hardwood decking traditionally loved by Australians is sourced from South East Asian rain forests, the timber cannot be sustainably harvested as the trees take hundreds of years to mature before harvesting. It is estimated that 73% of logging in Indonesia is illegal

South East Asian Rain forests are under threat as palm oil growing cartels clear vast amounts of rain forests in order to establish palm oil plantations.

South East Asian rain forests from which the decking timber is sourced is the habitat of endangered species.

As a home owner you no longer need to tolerate the environmental impact of choices we make about the building materials we use.

Timberlast Decking, an environmentally friendly solution!

Deck Up will happily supply product only if you would prefer to use your own trusted installer / builder.

The Timberlast composite decking is a genuine high end architectural decking product that will offer –

  • A 100% recycled and sustainable building product. No rotting timber.
  • No weathering.
  • No maintenance.
  • Wide architecturally appealing boards.
  • No visible fixings (nails or screws).
  • No time wasted oiling or painting.
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Rainforest Friendly

Deck Up is 100% recycled non rainforest product meaning you are helping to keep rainforests safe and secure for the future.

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