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With imported hardwood (Merbau) prices going through the roof, Deck Up Reconstituted decking is setting new standards for product quality, durability, low maintenance and the shortest install time, saving you money.

Deck Up reconstituted decking comes in 5.8 metre lengths, so less joins and less cuts.

Our boards are fixed on the edge with a clip system which means no face fixing. This equates to less than half the amount of screws and the boards won’t cup, twist or warp. You will never have to struggle straitening or gapping our boards as they are all straight. Your time saved in laying our decking equates to hundreds of dollars in labour savings.

Deck Me reconstituted decking is available in specified quantities delivered to your site or project address. Deck Me now offers Job lots, just tell us how many square metres you need or 5.8 metre boards you need your with the colour you would like and we will deliver with instructions on how to install. Deck Me will guarantee a next day delivery within the Melbourne Metro area.

Our reconstituted decking out performs our competitors decking because of its wood fibre content – combined with PVC this combination results in stronger more durable decking that will withstand weather extremes for the long term – imagine, while your competitors are worrying about staggering joins, straightening, pre-drilling, countersinking, screwing thousands of expensive screws you have already completed the job and are packing up your tools.

“your time is for you”

Note Builders receive the same long term warranty on materials and we will guide you on how to install. If you have a sharp drop saw and a good quality battery drill you can install Deck Up reconstituted decking in no time.

Just tell us how many boards you need and we will deliver to your site next day.

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Just register on line to receive a sample pack including brochures and physical samples to show your clients, we will do the rest by delivering on site next day.

Rainforest Friendly

Deck Up is 100% recycled non rainforest product meaning you are helping to keep rainforests safe and secure for the future.

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